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Mental Note

Oct 12, 2022

Discover how your personality can be both your biggest asset and greatest stumbling block on today’s fascinating episode. 

When Dr. Laura Hill first encountered research showing that a person’s temperament - the baked-in personality traits dictated by their genes - dramatically influences the type and expression of their eating disorder, she was thrilled. For decades, she had felt that eating disorder treatment only focused on external behaviors, while ignoring root causes. But through brain-based research, she was finally able to see how and why disorders begin growing in the first place.

This excitement compelled Dr. Hill to devote the next ten years of her career to working alongside colleagues and patients in developing the first-ever eating disorder treatment focused on genetic traits. The result? Temperament Based Treatment with Supports - TBT-S for short. Influenced by Dr. Hill’s playful and inquisitive spirit, this approach promises thrilling possibilities for long-term recovery.