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Mental Note

Nov 17, 2020

We’ve all been there: Adult brings child a meal. Child refuses to eat it. Everyone’s anxiety spikes and an epic standoff ensues. Sound familiar? Most of us probably assume that fighting over what kids eat is normal.

Not according to Keira Oseroff of The Ellyn Satter Institute. She claims that kids of all ages should be able to feed themselves…and thrive! Doubtful? We were too. So, we sat down with Keira to hear all about how to avoid the dinner table battle of wills and transform the whole family’s relationship with food in the process.

Sidenote - this is not an episode about eating disorders. Rather, it’s about everyone’s relationship with food and how to build a more joyful connection to our plates. We’ll unpack what intuitive eating is, why Keira emphasizes the evidence-based Satter Feeding Dynamics Model + Eating Competence Model, and practical steps to make mealtime more enjoyable.


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