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Mental Note

Dec 13, 2022

Beyond the rush and noise of the Holiday Season, hides an amazing treasure - the passing of stories and wisdom from our elders. And we're not just talking about tales of the good ol' days from grandparents! Because an elder is simply someone who’s gone before you, no matter their age.

So, to celebrate this special time of year, we are featuring short stories from some of you - the elders in our community who have already walked the road of recovery. We wanted to know how you have integrated recovery into your homes and living spaces.

Each featured response is brief. Our hope is that they spark your imagination to consider ways that home might become a partner instead of an opponent to mental health.

Many thanks to Kara Richardson Whitley, Ashton Grooms, Jen Ponton, Jane Zeltser, Patrick Devenny, Tony Wilson, Niki Dubois, Chris Henry, Ivy Watts, Katie Kittredge, & Jayne Mattingly for sharing.