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Mental Note

Jun 15, 2022

Lor Sabourin knows a thing or two about resilience and the power of thoughtfully approaching a relationship - be it with a sport or gender.

A professional rock climber who grew up in Detroit, they spent years figuring out how to not hide their queer identity in a very male, heteronormative, and competitive world. Lor now works to spread the wisdom they’ve gathered by creating affirming spaces in outdoor communities and also training other climbers on mental stability.

They are also the subject of a recent documentary film put out by Patagonia called They/Them. 

We invited Lor  to talk about their personal journey, creating inclusive spaces, and how to simply find more Joy in the lives we choose.

We also hear from Sand Chang, PhD (They/Them) about the relationship between our society and mental health trends in the Queer Community.