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Mental Note

Apr 2, 2024

Close relationships set the tone for how we experience love and security. Yet, keeping those relationships healthy is rarely easy. Fortunately, Attachment Theory researchers have spent decades scrutinizing why we connect the way we do and what actions help make friendships, partnerships, and family bonds flourish.

For therapist, mama, and author Eli Harwood - aka Attachment Nerd - her journey into understanding attachment patterns was deeply personal. Her early life programmed her to believe that she could not consistently rely on her needs being met. As an adult, this belief severely impacted her ability to connect with others, prompting Eli to find the best tools for healing and growing new attachment patterns. She benefited from that growth so much that she spent the past 17 years inviting others to discover how fun and stress-free this transformation can be.

Today’s show is all about understanding basic Attachment Patterns, how they affect our relationships, and how we can enjoy becoming more secure parents, friends, and humans.