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Mental Note

Jul 13, 2022

Four years ago Jayne Mattingly discovered something was seriously wrong with her health. Not only was she starting to see a loss of mobility, but physicians told her these physical limitations would only progress for the rest of her life.

For this former dancer and self-described “doer,” losing mobility was devastating news. Jayne leaned heavily on the wisdom she'd cultivated earlier in life when recovering from anorexia to cope with her uncertain future.

Today, we’ll talk with Jayne about shifting the relationship with her body. From feelings of anger and betrayal to a place where gratitude can exist alongside grief. She’ll reveal a few of her best strategies for living a values-centered life while also grappling with her own ableism and chronic illness. 

We'll also chat with Eating Recovery Center Nutrition Director Kathryn Johnson about mindful movement for different ability levels.


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