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Mental Note

Feb 27, 2023

Right as therapist KC Davis gave birth to her second baby, Covid-19 began shutting down normal life. Not only that, but KC had just moved to a new city, her husband began a demanding new job, and pandemic restrictions caused their carefully planned support system to crumble.  All of a sudden it was just her - and her two babies - home alone. Everyday. 

In the chaos that ensued, KC began an unexpected new journey. From grappling with mental health barriers to becoming TikTok famous and writing a best-selling book - KC has ventured out on a quest. Her goal? To connect the dots between mental health and the daily care tasks we tend to take for granted. 

So on today’s episode, we’ll talk with KC about the last few years - focusing specifically on the ADHD diagnosis that answered so many questions about her past. Along the way, we will learn her signature workarounds for completing tasks that feel impossible.



KC Davis

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