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Mental Note

Dec 4, 2019

*Please note: When this podcast was recorded, Shay was referenced as a straight male. Since this recording, Shay courageously came out as a transwoman and uses she/her pronouns.*

Treatment for mental health issues rarely receives the same level of community support that a more visible struggle, like major surgery, does. But our friend, Shay, is out to change that.

A straight male who received treatment for anorexia, Shay experienced push back from some of his closest friends when he made the choice to seek professional help. Yet, his friends were eager to lend sympathy when he fractured an ankle... What gives!?

We are all about shifting this conversation along with Shay and cannot wait for you to hear more of his story.


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Mental Note is brought to you by Eating Recovery Center and Insight Behavioral Health Centers. It is Directed by Sam Pike, Edited by Josh Wright, and produced and hosted by Ellie Pike.