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Mental Note

Jun 15, 2018

We often deal with firsthand stories on this podcast and what happens when a person finally decides to tackle a seemingly insurmountable mental health illness. But what about those who walk alongside such a person in struggle? Where’s their story?
Well, on today’s episode, we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate Father’s Day by talking with a pretty amazing dad. David Bachman is the father of 2 boys, one of which began battling Anorexia Nervosa at age 12. 
His story illuminates the role a father can play in eating disorder recovery, the importance of self, marriage, and family care, & how discovering a “new normal” is critical for long-term success.
Produced by Sam Pike, edited and mixed by Meredith Turk and Erica Prather. 
Mental Note is sponsored by Eating Recovery Center and Insight Behavioral Health Centers. For a free consultation with a licensed professional please call 877-411-9578. For more information on David, check out