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Mental Note

Nov 9, 2022

As a teenager, Kea Yamamoto’s behaviors transformed from being respectful, creative, and empathetic to ones that alienated the people she cared most about. Not only did she lash out, but she also stopped sleeping, began hallucinating, and felt immune to consequences. 

Kea’s eventual diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder proved to be both a relief and a frightening look into the unknown. Would she be able to enjoy the relationships and experiences that make life worthwhile? Or would she move deeper into isolation and pain?

Today’s episode - in collaboration with the podcast I Know Lonely and the non-profit Only 7 Seconds - explore’s Kea’s 10-year journey towards a fulfilling life. We cover how she mended relationships, what dating with a Bipolar diagnosis was like, and why she decided to become a mother despite the hereditary nature of her disorder.