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Mental Note

Nov 1, 2021

Here's the thing about sleep - one in three American adults simply do not get the sleep they require on a regular basis. That's not ok! Sleep deprivation kicks off a cascading series of consequences for our physical health, relationships, sense of self, and emotional stability. But finding our way to a better night's sleep is no easy task - that's why we created this episode.

We speak with two people about reigning in sleepless nights. First, we meet paramedic Sydney Fitzgibbons who finally recovered from chronic insomnia. Second, we sit down with Dr. Karima Clayton - a professor at NYU and sleep expert who works with veterans in New York to overcome sleep disorders. Through Dr. Clayton, we'll learn the 8 steps of sleep hygiene and why getting better sleep is crucial to a well-rounded life. 

Mental Note Podcast is brought to you by Eating Recovery Center and Pathlight mood and anxiety center. If you’d like to talk to a trained therapist to see if treatment is right for you, please call them at (877) 850-7199.


  • 8 Sleep Hygiene Suggestions + Timestamps:
    1. Mind the caffeine consumption - 18:50
    2. Designate the bed as a sleep-only zone - 19:55
    3. Find a sleep routine that winds you down - 20:40
    4. Follow consistent times for both falling asleep and waking up - 21:00
    5. Sleep space ambiance - 24:26
    6. Mindfully Move your body but keep it relaxing if you like to be active before bed - 25:25
    7. Avoid napping if possible - 26:10
    8. Get out of bed if you can’t sleep - 27:45