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Mental Note

Aug 10, 2020

Racism. Equity. Diversity. Inclusion. Bias. Bullying. These are all buzz words that we continue to hear and use in everyday life—but what do they mean? 

Dr. Seria Chatters has an incredible personal story of resilience. As an African American with albinism and visual impairment, she managed to rise above persistent bullying to earn a Masters and PhD in Counselor Education. She is now a Director of Equity and Inclusivity and adjunct professor in Pennsylvania. 

In this episode, she will teach us how to reign in our own micro-aggressions and outright racism even when we are not aware of their existence.

Dr. Chatters will be a featured panelist at the upcoming 12th Annual ERF Conference on Mental Health on Sept 11 & 12. Mental health professionals can earn up to 34 CE credits. To learn more, visit

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