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Mental Note

Aug 9, 2017

Life for someone like Eric Dorsa can look pretty fabulous. He’s one of San Antonio's hottest drag queens, his TED talk has been viewed over 240,000 times, and he has a host of people who love and support him daily.

Yet, getting to this place proved far from easy. Along the way he had to grapple with a life threatening eating disorder, drug and alcohol abuse, and an underlying self hatred that continually thwarted the life he longed to live.

Today on the podcast, we invite you to walk with Eric. To face these overwhelming obstacles. And to ultimately discover why his journey inspires thousands to embrace their identity and love themselves.

Hosted by Ellie Pike, Produced by Sam Pike, Sponsored by Eating Recovery Center and Insight Behavioral Health.

Music by C3NC Music, Appearing, Maxime Herve, Begin Again and Ruth Martino.